Not sure about your debt? You have options

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Bankruptcy isn’t the end. It’s the first step in overcoming the things that keep you up at night. It’s your chance to make the right decisions for your business or family.

Stephen Reynolds


There’s a way out. There’s hope. This is the one thing my clients need to understand when they sit across from me and open up about one of the most agonizing circumstances of their lives. There is no judgement, just solutions.


Bankruptcy Quick Facts


It does not mean you’re a failure.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you’re giving up or have nothing left to contribute. This is a sound way to move forward.


Your credit is not destroyed.

Chances are good if you’re filing bankruptcy, your credit is in disrepair already. Bankruptcy offers the chance to have it rebound in the long run.


You will not lose your job.

Employers on the government level and in private sectors are prohibited by law to fire you because of a bankruptcy filing.


Bankruptcy is a fresh start.

If you file, you’re taking the first step toward life beyond debt. By preserving your assets, you’re preserving your future.

Don't wait until your options run out. Take charge of your debt.

You know you can’t keep it up. I understand it’s difficult to see through the emotional distress, but your options get better the sooner you speak with me. Given enough time, I can help you halt a foreclosure, garnishments, and harassment. Just give me - and yourself - some time to work on your case before it’s too late.

You shouldn’t go through bankruptcy alone. Let us be your guide.

Attorney Referrals

Is your client facing a difficult financial challenge?

I may have the solution you need.

For attorneys who are inexperienced in matters bankruptcy, creditors' rights and debtors' rights, referrals are a practical tool for those attorneys to improve their clients’ outcomes while earning fees for the referring attorney. Use my understanding of debt management and let my years of legal experience speak for you and your clients.

Turning away from
your debt problem
won't solve it.

It may have been a few unwise purchases that started your debt cycle. A credit card interest rate may have become too high for you, or each night you're staring at the ceiling of a home with a mortgage you can no longer afford.

You've tried to ignore it, but your debt simply won't go away. 

Reynolds Law Corporation is a full-service bankruptcy law firm in Davis, CA. It represents families and businesses who are filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, or are dealing with issues of debtors' rights or creditors' rights.

If you need to file bankruptcy, you're not alone. Within the first two months of 2016, more than 10,000 individuals, families and businesses filed for bankruptcy, according to U.S. District Court records.

Getting rid of your debt shouldn't begin with spending more money. This is why Reynolds Law Corporation offers a no-cost initial consultation and payment plans to help you take care of this crucial matter in the most painless matter possible.

The process begins with a 10- or 15-minute phone call. It's just you and a capable bankruptcy attorney starting the process of giving yourself, your family, or your business the chance to finally erase debt the right way. 

Getting the right information and taking action aimed at reducing your debt can not only make paying it off more manageable, but you may even have the option to keep the assets you thought you were going to lose through options such as Chapter 7. There is no shame in bankruptcy. It's a tool there for you when you need it most.