Maximize your recovery in bankruptcy

A creditors’ rights attorney represents lenders who are involved in bankruptcy filings initiated by their debtors. By creatively and aggressively representing your interests during bankruptcy proceedings, a creditors’ rights lawyer can help you get the best possible outcome and maximize the amount of money you receive as a result of this process.

Protection for creditors

There are other reasons creditors may need legal representation. If you are being sued because you received assets from an individual who subsequently filed for bankruptcy, or if you are owed money by a debtor whom you know has recently filed for bankruptcy, you need to talk to an an attorney as soon as possible.

Ensure your interests are a priority


Exposing bad faith debtors

Sometimes debtors misrepresent their financial circumstances when filing for bankruptcy and attempt to hide assets in order to shield them from the terms of a Chapter 7 liquidation. If so, Reynolds Law Corporation can help you expose this and other acts of bad faith that can make it difficult for creditors to collect the money they are owed.

We may also be able to get automatic stays lifted if you have a secured claim to collateral. We’ll leave no legal option unexplored in finding ways to maximize your recovery when it comes to debts you are owed.

Let a Davis, CA creditors’ rights attorney help

Reynolds Law Corporation understands creditors provide an essential service to promote business and improve the lives of individuals. If a debtor has filed bankruptcy, creditors’ rights attorney Stephen Reynolds will fight for what you’re entitled to recover. Contact Reynolds Law Corporation in Davis, CA today to find out more about your rights as a creditor in the State of California and across the country.